The BOOK presents for the very first time the correct use of

Galilean Transformations of Velocities

  in the framework of  

Euclidean Space Geometry


A Serious Omission from the Textbooks


map to correct explanations to solutions to

Gravitation and Electromagnetism


The Evidence

The complete set of problems responsible for the success and fame of Relativity was solved without having to resort to Relativity (The Book, "Discourses & Mathematical Illustrations pertaining to the Extinction Shift Principle...")


The constancy-of-the-velocity-of-light experiments in optics, performed in the past century, were completely explained along with correctly predicted experimental outcomes, using the Principal Axioms of the Extinction Shift Principle alone under Galilean Transformations of Velocities (Appendix of Book, "Principal Axioms")

Distorted Space Geometry Euclidean Space Geometry
Lorentz Transformations of Velocities

units of length {x, y, z} are modified

unit of time {t} is dilated

Galilean Transformations of Velocities


units of length are true/undistorted

observer notes a transverse relative time shift

Velocity of all emissions is constant in all frames of reference

Velocity of all emissions is constant relative only to the most primary source

No distinction is made between the states of a wave before and after measurement A direct observation or measurement on an undisturbed primary wave is denied
The wavelengths and the velocities of all emissions are considered to be measurable; erroneous concept currently taught in mainstream Physics Neither the primary velocity nor the primary wavelength of an undisturbed primary wave is measurable; only the ratio {energy} is an observable
The wavelength is frame dependent

Distinction is never made between the primary and seconary emissions

The not-measurable wavelength of a primary wave is independent of reference frames