Contents of the Book

Background and Issues 



Definition of Extinction Shift

Extinction Shift Principle applied to Gravitation

Extinction Shift Principle Illustrated; Some Classical Alternatives equivalent to 

      Special and General Relativistic Principles

  • Invariance of the Wave Equation

  • Optical Gyroscopes

  • Sagnac Effect

  • Convection

  • Effective Mass

  • Transverse Relative Time

  • Mercury Perihelion Drift

  • PSR1913+16 Perihelion Drift


Effectivity versus Relativity

Glossary of Terms

Notes and Reference

Appendix of Additional Manuscripts

  • Aberrational Effect

  • Sagnac Effect {Proof of Galilean Transformation, Rectilinear Motion of Photon}

  • Gravitational Redshift & Solar Light Bending

  • Nullified Experiments in Optics & Principal Axioms Applied.